September 29, 2015

7 Reasons to Hire a Realtor

  1. Realtors Know How to Navigate the Process – A Realtor is the manager of your home buying process. Your Realtor Sis aware of your concerns, needs and priorities. They are there from the beginning to end, navigating each step of the way with you. Selling real estate can be a tricky business, full of regulations and involved steps. Your agent works for you, staying on top of the latest regulations and helping you meet them.
  2. Realtors Know How to Professionally List the Property – In the age of Web 2.0, it’s not enough to upload your phone photos to a few random sites. Buyers expect professional photos, videos and flawless online presentation. To get the most exposure, you also need to manage your listing across multiple channels. A good agent will do all this for you, including coordinating with photographers and videographers to make sure your listing is top-notch.
  3. Realtors Know How to Prepare Sellers – Before you sell, your home must be in the best condition possible. Your Realtor can advise you on what repairs need to be done, and they frequently know good contractors. You may have to have inspections done before you sell, and will probably have to do repairs. A Realtor can set up any required inspections and instruct you on how to prepare.
  4. Realtor Can Help Sellers Prepare for Showings – Staging is extremely important, that first impression is vital.” Not only do all of the repairs need to be done, but if you still live there, the place must be kept clean and staged. This means everything from maintaining curbside appeal to the little details, like placing out a plate of cookies or laying out your best dishes in a table setting. She advises that a home must be open and inviting, and that smells, pets and lighting must all be taken into consideration. “We don’t want a home not selling because a buyer can’t see their own furniture in the home.” Your agent may also advise you to de-clutter certain closets and rearrange rooms. They may explain which personal touches add to the look and feel of the home and which things detract a potential buyer.
  5. Realtors Can Help Get Buyers Through the Doors – Realtor not only get the traffic in, they know how to manage it. They can arrange and hold open houses in a way that gets as many visitors as possible. They also work with buyers so that showings are more convenient for you. This is especially important if you still live in the house. Realtors may also help weed through potential candidates so that you don’t waste your time with no-shows or non-serious buyers..
  6. Realtors Know How to Objectively Negotiate – You may think preparing and showing your home may be stressful, but receiving offers can be difficult. The goal is to get the most money as the seller, and as the buyer the goal is to look at market value and if it’s priced appropriately. They will also be there to navigate a multi-bid and renegotiations. Your Realtor has been through this many times and can explain everything you are signing and why. If you have any questions on anything, your Realtor is right there.
  7. Realtors Know the Area – The key to a good agent is knowing the area. They know what the property values are, and have a good idea of future market fluctuations. They also know where and how to list your property for best results. Having a home listed on MLS is not enough. A good agent that is knowledgeable of the area is essential to getting the best deal on your home.